Skinheads Who Don’t Want To Go Bowling

Today, in Portland.

As a white supremacist group gears up to target Portland residents this weekend, anti-racist activists are fighting back.

Members of the Tualatin Valley Skins are planning to meet this weekend in Gabriel Park to distribute leaflets and flyers, which some neighbors are not too happy about.

“Obviously, it’s not something I want in my neighborhood,” neighbor Mark Bosch told KATU News.

As the article states, there is promising to be a large contingent of people protesting the skinheads. Among them, the Portland IndyMedia crowd

The looney lefties have promised to be out in force to both protest their activites and to compare them to Republicans whenever the opportunity arises.

I am truly enjoying the rank hypocrisy of the IMCer’s when, in the comments of the linked post, one of them says this:

myth #2: free speech means we have to let the nazis hold rallies.

fact: free speech means that people have the right to say what they want to, but since when should advocating genocide be condoned by not confronting it? our society is what we make of it. the reality is that nazis are not simply expressing opinions at their rallies (like, “I don’t like taxes!” or “Guns are harmful!”) they are actively organizing and recruiting members to take part in a racist organization with the express purpose of harming others, with the ultimate goal of white supremacy and genocide. it is imperative they be disrupted as much as possible. in every town out here where organized nazi groups have gained a foothold, even for a short while.

I guess his shift button must be broken.

But enough funny stuff….

If a person from the right wing even shows up at one of the IMCer’s rallys, let alone a group of Protest Warriors, these people bitch and moan that those people are ‘trying to silence them’.

Imagine if an entire community came out to counter-protest one of their nearly obscene anti-Iraq War rallies.

They would, quite literally, shit their hemp pants while screaming ‘censorshiiiip!’

If, say, 100 people showed up for one of the IMC sponsored “Bush=Hitler” rallies to show them that the community didn’t want them or their hate there, I would bet a paycheck they’d call at least a lawyer and probably try to get the ACLU involved.

While I agree with them that the skinheads absolutely need to be shown the way out of town, I find it utterly hypocritical that they want to overwhelm them with people to surround them and keep them from holding their rally.

What the skinheads are doing is exactly what they and their Che Guevarra worshiping friends do at every anti-war, anti-Bush, anti WTO rally.

The skinheads are handing out hateful flyers and other literature, the IMCer’s hand out copies of Das Kapital and Mao’s Little Red Book.

Both are hoping to win some new converts to their twisted and hatefilled ideologies.

At least the skinheads are willing to admit what their doing.

And if you read throught the IMC link, you’ll see that the lefties don’t really mind the police keeping an eye on the skinheads either.

Kind of odd for the ‘Blame the POlice First’ crowd.

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One Response to Skinheads Who Don’t Want To Go Bowling

  1. Rivrdog says:

    The IMC are such a joke, and by the way, don’t insult them by pointing out punctuation errors in their screeds, they hold it Holy not to follow ANY rules, don’tcha know.

    When Iraq first went down, the IMC went to war in Portland. Fought the cops, fought the local security as they tried to barge into and take over stores.

    They claim to be just a journalistic coalition, but they are, in fact, an umbrella domestic terrorist organization, just as Al-Qaeda is an Islamist umbrella organization.

    They have a huge weakness, though, and that weakness will keep them forever in their place. It is simply their big mouths. They can’t resist blabbing or at least hinting about clandestine ops before they happen. A careful intell detective can usually piece together what they’re up to before they launch it.

    They are so stupid as to give locations of event planning and details of organization.

    They don’t know how to fight, just bluster. Unless that changes, the police will stay well ahead of them.

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