Making fun of the Left

Should be done everyday, but on some days, you need to gather up a bunch of stupid stuff and pass it around for display.

To start with, my local leftie fuckwit, David Neiwert of Orcinus, once again proves his ability to make a tin foil hat that will absolutely block the mind control beams from the government satellites by posting that he thinks the RatherGate memos are AUTHENTIC.

You need to read this, even if just for comic relief.

While on the topic of SeeBS, it looks as though the broadcasting network is going to try to get it’s reputation back by hiring professional publicist, Donna Dees.

If you recognize the name, but can’t put a face to it, you’ll be happy to know that Ms. Dees was the Lead Organizer of the Million Mom March

As both Lee @ Right Thinking and JimK @ Right Thoughts said, OH! That Liberal Media!

The big story for the left right now is the payola scandal involving Armsrong Williams and the Dept. of Education. While I don’t think that it is as big a deal as the media is making it out to be, I don’t think it was an especially bright thing to do.

Of course, this brings out the moonbats in Congress like Rep. Louise M. Slaughter who says, “Williams incident makes the case for The Fairness Doctrine”

That comment is so damn ignorant that I am amazed that she can feed herself. Of course, I have not seen any evidence that she actually can, in fact, feed herself, but since she is still alive enough to put out a press release, I take it on good faith that she is wholly able.

I found the USAToday link at Atrios’ Eschaton. Friday is Atrios’ usual day for ‘Cat Blogging’.

But not this last Friday. He says “One of them was very bad and must be punished.”

Rumor has it that one of them actually expressed happiness that Bush won.

Over at the Kos IMC, they are all atwitter about the possible formation and use of Iraqi nationalist ‘death squads’ for hunting down and killing the leaders of the insurgency.

Well now, we can’t use anything that might be construed as ‘torture’ on the insurgents, and now the lefties don’t want us to kill them either.

No wonder they think we’re losing the fight over there!

Newsweek has penned an articles titled “The Salvador Option”

What better way to whip the left into a frenzy than to remind them of communisms loss in Central and South America!

Say it with me once again “OH! That Liberal Media!”

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