Hey Tubby

You’re fired.

Following up on the Doc’s story earlier this week, there is this

Health Care Company That Fired Smokers Also Targeting Fat

A Michigan health care company that fired four employees for smoking is also targeting fat.

Howard Weyers, the founder of Weyco Inc., said he wants to tell fat workers to lose weight or else, Reuters reported.

Weyers brought in weight experts to speak with employees, according to Reuters. The company also offers employees a $35 monthly incentive for joining a health club and $65 for meeting fitness goals.

Next, treadmills instead of desk chairs and PCS designed to fit on the handlebars.

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3 Responses to Hey Tubby

  1. Chris Van Dis says:

    This is great. Now I can start a buisness, and not hire homosexuals. They too elect to engage in health harming activities that raise insurance costs. No muslims or former postal workers, they may be harmful to my other employees and thus raise insurance costs. Drive a fast car? Your fired. Are you female and of child bearing age? See ya, you raise insurance rates.

    I wonder how far this insanity will go before we all wake up and bitch slap these people?

  2. michigan_falcon says:

    I don’t think that he can get very far with that, Michigan has an anti-discrimination law on the books that prohibits discrimination based upon weight…

  3. How appropriate: It’s remembrance week for the Holocaust, and we have this Health Nazi piping up with his scheme for his “perfect” employees.

    Sort of reminds you of Hitler’s dream for a “master race”, no?

    I’m sure by now that some good employment rights lawyer has heard of Weyers, so his days running his company by Hitler’s gospel are numbered.

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