Count ANY Vote: Part Dvadtsat n Odin

Part 20.1 : The Day After The Big Court Battle

Yesterday Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges gave the Repubs a big victory and a small loss and the Dems a small victory and a big loss.

The judge denied the Dems motion to dismiss the case. This was the big victory for the (R)s.

He also denied the Repubs motion for expedited discovery. This was the small loss for the (R)s.

The case will be continued until the discovery hearing in two weeks. The Dems are drafting another motion for dismissal for that date. and I’m crossing my fingers in the hopes that it gets denied as well.

Since the case is being continued, I am taking it that the final verdict issed from this judge will count then as if it was handed down yesterday (aka, within the 10-day period that allows a nullification of an election as prescribed by law).

See you then.

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  1. SFC Dolan says:

    “And I’m supposed to PROTECT these idiots?”

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