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I’m a lawyer, and the Danes have it right

Dirtcrashr’s got the correct perspective on this election, from Denmark. Heroics, tits, beer, lawyers. Yup, they’re right.

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While David and I were off Boomershooting, it seems that the SCOTUS let loose a 6-3 decision to uphold Voter ID requirements. A salute to Justices Alito, Scalia, Thomas, Stevens, Roberts and Kennedy. If I could, I’d send you each … Continue reading

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And this is why

We don’t let New York, Los Angeles and Chicago run the country Call for handgun ban passes overwhelmingly Toronto – A lopsided city council vote of 39-3 calling for a federal ban on handgun ownership came as little surprise yesterday. … Continue reading

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Helping the Workers

By ruining their drive home 3 May Day marches likely to slow traffic Three separate May Day marches Thursday are expected to cause traffic disruptions in downtown Seattle. Metro Transit expects all bus service will be affected from 4 to … Continue reading

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