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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/06/08

Rank does have its priviliges While doing some research, I ran across this fun fact: In Westminster, members of Parliament are not allowed to eat or drink in the chamber. The exception to this rule is the Chancellor of the … Continue reading

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Don’t Dam Him

He’s doing the right thing. Buffett rebuffs Klamath dam protesters American Indians and salmon fishermen who had hoped to earn a private audience with billionaire Warren Buffett failed to win much support Saturday for removing four dams along the Klamath … Continue reading

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Not a big surprise

Rob at the SayAnything blog got an email from an anonymous reader who is a student at North Dakota’s Williston State College. The student is required to write an essay paper for his English Composition class. The topic: Do you … Continue reading

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More Low Lifes

But this time, istead of being in north central Idaho, they’re in north central Washington. Back at the beginning of March I posted this about a group of enviro-whackos trying to get the Giant Palouse Earthworm classified as an Endangered … Continue reading

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