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RNS Quote of the Day

When I read this, I immediately thought of John McCain. Is that wrong? Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. Tom Wilson

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A New Round of Stupid

A Professor at UC-Merced has published some new photos of Hiroshima, post A-bomb. These photographs, taken by an unknown Japanese photographer, were found in 1945 among rolls of undeveloped film in a cave outside Hiroshima by U.S. serviceman Robert L. … Continue reading

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For those who missed it

This past weekend there was a horse race called the Kentucky Derby. Hillary Clinton enthusiastically picked a filly named Eight Belles to win the Kentucky Derby and compared herself to the horse. Eight Belles finished second. The winner was the … Continue reading

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Driving While Influential A Texas state lawmaker instrumental in the passage of legislation increasing penalties on drunk drivers was himself arrested late Wednesday for driving while intoxicated (DUI). Texas State House Transportation Chairman Mike Krusee (R-Round Rock) now faces the … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t mind this crossing the pond

US politicians are watching their counterparts in the UK and taking some of their ideas and puting them into law here. Now if we can just get the US voters to do likewise Most people think government charges levied on … Continue reading

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