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There is a special spot in hell

That awaits the arrival of Union bosses. Teacher’s Union bosses in particular get put to the bottom of the hierarchy in that special spot. Washington state lost out on $13.2 million in new funding to help turn B students into … Continue reading

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Buying the Office

It seems that Obama is ready to spend big bucks and the DNCC is ready to shower HRC in rose petals in order to get her to drop out now She has ruled it out, but a prompt withdrawal from … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/09/08

More of the Left forcing their values upon the world Barack Obama supporters often argue that a black U.S. president, such as Obama, will be welcomed by the world as a sign of American­ progress and inclusiveness, a signal to … Continue reading

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Not the first time this has been pulled

The government agency that controls a burg’s water supply screams “Water Shortage! You must conserve water!” The People if the burg listen to this message and do exactly that. Shortly thereafter, the government agency that controls the burg’s water supply … Continue reading

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