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Is it cheating that my brother’s a dermatologist

…and I played a LOT of AD&D? Solo, I might add. Pathetic, I know, but then I got 94% !!! Neener! Skin Disease or Dungeons and Dragons Character?Score: 94% (15 out of 16) h/t: it comes in Pints?

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The Soundboard – David Undecides

When you stick a guy with too much of a good thing, it is difficult to decide which to choose. And since I’m all about freedom of choice, we’ll just play both. From the excellent Pendulum album Hold Your Color … Continue reading

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This should be front page news

But I’ll have contracted Simian-Rectal Syndrome before that’ll happen The MSM wouldn’t want to ruin the election year panderfest, after all This is an excerpt from a letter written by the CBO to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) “Under current law, … Continue reading

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When competency won’t answer the phone

Just because someone is in charge does not mean they know what they’re doing. The previous Republican majority in Congress proved this quite well. But compared to the House Democrats they look to be of practically genius quality The House … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/22/08

This is just one of the problems with today’s MSM, but it is a very large problem, especially when it comes to pro-Global Warming Death Cult articles. Newspapers employ “fact-checkers”, but their job is not to check facts but to … Continue reading

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I’m glad to be part of this group

It seems that I’m not the only one to question the study being bandied about by the American Association of University Women Carrie L. Lukas at the Independent Women’s Forum The AAUW has put out another study arguing that there … Continue reading

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I would like to know his motivation

Not that it would make me wish him any less harm Federal prosecutors say a Boeing employee has been charged with vandalizing a military helicopter at a factory in suburban Philadelphia. Prosecutors say 32-year-old assembly line worker Matthew Kevin Montgomery … Continue reading

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