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Ain’t that nice of them?

You lose child in earthquake? Happy fun government let you have another! Chinese officials said Monday that the country’s one-child policy exempts families with a child killed, severely injured or disabled in the country’s devastating earthquake. Those families can obtain … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/27/08

If I had unlimited time, I would have been spreading this sentiment about the leftosphere for the last couple of years. Since I don’t, I simply utter it under my breath whenever I read complaints about the price of gas … Continue reading

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Do these people not talk to one another?

If you go to a public high school in Washington State, or any state for that matter, and you wanted to go to a college or university that is also run by said state’s public education department, you’d probably guess … Continue reading

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Overstepping their bounds just a bit

The feds are stepping in on local business and forcing small town constabularies to accommodate the migrant population. Maybe its more of that ADA nonsense from last week? Nearly everyone in this small farming community speaks Spanish — nearly everyone … Continue reading

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It is going to be a tough election season here in Washington

Not the least of which will be because the Democrats in Washington State will be so well rested. You see, the junior Senator from the state of Massachusetts, John Kerry, will be the Keynote Speaker at their upcoming party convention … Continue reading

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