Overstepping their bounds just a bit

The feds are stepping in on local business and forcing small town constabularies to accommodate the migrant population.

Maybe its more of that ADA nonsense from last week?

Nearly everyone in this small farming community speaks Spanish — nearly everyone except those in city government and the police department, where English is spoken.

And almost everyone who speaks one language does not speak the other.

It is a language barrier that has engulfed the community, which has grown over the past 20 years from 300 to about 3,200 year-round residents. Nine of every 10 Mattawa residents speak Spanish at home, and eight of every 10 adults speak English “less than very well,” according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

The Columbia River basin community, surrounded by miles of fruit orchards and vineyards, has tried to deal with its language barrier informally. From the first gas station to the last retail shop, signs advertise goods and services in Spanish and English. The tiny library offers bilingual story time for families. For years, police often relied on bystanders to translate at crime scenes. City administrators grabbed bilingual speakers as ad-hoc interpreters.

But the gap between an English-speaking city government and an overwhelmingly Spanish-speaking population has grown so wide that the federal government has stepped in to mandate that the city bridge the divide.

Really? How about “Tough shit. You came here. You learn English.”

I mean WTF? If they’re a year around population, then they have a non-growing season to learn a new language. If they’re migrants, then they should know that in order to get around they’ll need some skill in the English language.

Why is it Smalltown, USA who has to “Press 1 for English”? Why don’t the ICE employees who are handing out the work visas stop talking in whatever the language the applicant speaks? If the applicant can’t ask and answer in English: No fucking visa.

And if they’re here without a visa, well then, we know where they have to go.

Sounds easy enough.

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  1. The Mom says:

    But that’s way to simple and makes way to much sense, don’t ya see? Fact is, it’s the PC – BS!

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