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Robert Asprin, RIP

Via Instapundit, I see that Robert Asprin, the noted science fiction author, has passed away. I never read much of his stuff, but he did write one book that really deserves a wider audience: Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe. Note the … Continue reading

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Modren and Old-Timey Revolver Porn

I’ll have more Boomershoot pics up at various times Sunday and Monday; I’m still organizing, be patient please. In the meantime, here’s a gorgeous S&W 64-5 with 4″ barrel. Click for bigger. And here’s some sweet top-break Smiths: Again, they’re … Continue reading

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Revolver Porn

Not mine; the S&W Model 586-7 (.357 Magnum, L frame, 7 shot) with custom Elk stag grips and its companion, the Boker Red Deer stag handled hunting knife belong to a fellow Calgunner — this is his carry gear for … Continue reading

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More Boomershoot Pics Below

Just keep scrolling. BTW, if all goes well, Squeaky will have her name added to this board next year. The reservations at Trib’s have been made.

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Softcore or Hardcore?

I’ve always thought of myself as, in Massad Ayoob’s phrase, a “softcore” survivalist — not preparing for TEOTWAWKI, but rather for a temporary disruption of social services for several weeks or a couple months at most — or for somewhat … Continue reading

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Woman In Leather

Click to embiggen. One of the finest Christmas gifts we’ve ever received; our daughter picked the above up in Peru from a little old man who handcrafted amazing sculptures from scraps of leather. This now resides on our family-room wall, … Continue reading

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