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Benjamin Franklin, Smartass

Celebrated my 39th birthday yesterday in part by taking myself to a cherished haunt for lunch: a well-stocked used bookstore next to a Straw Hat Pizza to which I can retire to read my new acquisitions with a favorite dish: pineapple … Continue reading

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A Damn Good Question

The Mayor of Portland, OR gets to the nut of the problem of having “homeless” folks camp out at City Hall in protest of the city’s anti-camping/loitering laws Both the mayor and protest leaders seem to be feeling the pressure … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/14/08

A reporter from The Hill has asked the 97 Senators not currently running for the Executive Office how they’d react if offered the VP spot I plan to stick with my current job until I get the hang of it. … Continue reading

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About the only way

That you would read a story of this nature in a Seattle newspaper is if the editor wanted to mock the person confused over the cans. A council refused to collect rubbish from a 95-year-old war veteran who is nearly … Continue reading

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Must be sexism

Apparently, some jackass thrashing an Obama campaign office, leaving slogans such as “Hamas Votes BHO” and “Goddamn Wright” spray painted on the wall equals racism to the MSM. So I am only able to conclude that the visceral hatred John … Continue reading

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