Wonderful Things Are Afoot

Yes as the Professor seems to have opined, this is the weekend before my birthday. No, I’m not going to pull his publishing abilities for letting the cat out of the bag. What, you think I want my weekend readers to abandon me?

But since it is a minor celebratory weekend, I’m off to the range this afternoon after a bit of time sawing logs.

As the title of the post says, things are afoot behind the scenes at RNS and you should see them by Monday and that is all I’m going to say right now.

In the interim, I want to give you links to a couple of things I saw this week.

First up, Mr. Completely has an excellent video of an Icelandic Benchrest Rifle shooter making one ragged hole in his target.

The guy also seems to have started a blog a couple weeks back with more videos on it that you might want to check out.

Speaking of Benchrest Rifle shooting, I have found a semi-local range (90-120 minute drive away) that hosts 1000yd Benchrest matches) I will hopefully be allowed to blog my visit for their next match and let you know how that goes. If it goes well, I’ll be joining. 1000yds in a straight line with no wind is still 1000yds.

Just doing what I can to get ready for Boomershoot in April.

Another video I saw was this one linked to by the Emperor. If that is what school is like nowadays, I think I may have to lose my diploma and enroll. Math class was so boring before, I think a good running gun battle would spice things up a bit.

Have a safe weekend and get out to the range. Think of it as a birthday present to me.

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  1. MikeG says:


    (Boy are YOU lucky I’m typing this, rather than singing it………)

    ……Mr. C.

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