A victory for whom,


Nanny stateism at its finest – I wonder if they are going to adopt a similar compnay policy for drinking alcohol, or eating red meat, or any of the other “health risks” that lurk out there.

It’s a private company, they can hire and fire whoever they wish. But describing draconian rules that affect what people do in their private lives as a “victory” seems rather shallow to me.

Here, let’s try another group of people to discriminate against, and see how it flies:

The Seattle based Wanker corporation announced that it had fired 3 Muslim employess who had refused to convert to Christianity. “We just felt that it fit better in our corporate image to only have employees who were good Christians working for us”, said company spokesperson Scott Zealot. Zealot claimed that about 18 of 200 workers were Muslim prior to the announced policy change. Since then, 1 worker quite voluntarily, and 14 others had been converted to Christianity with the help of the Wanker corporation. Three employees who refused to convert to Christianity were fired for failure to live up to the new policies. “We see this as a great victory”, continued Zealot. “We have used economic pressure to force our employess to adhere to our own personal beliefs. All we want is what’s best for them, and we feel we’re in a better position to know what that is than our employees”.

So, if it’s discrimination in my alternate universe, why isn’t it discrimination in the “real” world?

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