Bhutto, Late

Yes, I did hear about the murder of Benazir Bhutto before I hit the rack yesterday.

No, I didn’t post on it because everyone one else was.

And I wanted to see their reactions.

Simply put: Everyone played their part for the day.

The Rightosphere took the information available and wrote posts that made for common sense discussions and predictions for the region and international politics.

The Leftosphere went apeshit nuts and started talking out their ass for the entire day.

Where shall we start?

How about with Steve Benen, who usually presents his freakshow at TheCarpetBaggerReport blog, but is Guesting this week for Kevin Drum at The Washington Monthly. First, he complained in advance that the supporters of the various Presidential candidates would be hamming it up to tell us what their preferred dude/dudette would be doing if they were the one in The Oval Office. Later, he complained that the candidates themselves were speculating on their hypothetical words/actions.

My guess: He heard the answers his favored party’s candidates were giving and realized that they sucked (because they did) and was pissed that the (R)’s were cleaning up. Being the bitch that he is, complaining was the appropriate course of action.

Speaking of the candidate’s responses, HRC talked about the time she met Benazir Bhutto. From what I understand, she spent quite a lot of time siphoning off Bhutto’s bravery in the face of danger and wrapping herself in it so as to make herself seem experienced enough to be Presidential.

Well, if meeting with Bhutto once gives you enough foreign policy experience to be President of the US, then “looseheadprop” a frontpager at the leftist FireDogLake blog, is qualified to be President of the World.

Of course, not everyone at the Lieberman-hating center of the leftosphere that is FDL is as worldly as that poster. Scarecrow wants an autopsy done to see if the gun they picked up near the remains of the guy who blew himself up was the murder weapon.

Do I sense a “Pristine Bullet” theory or maybe a someone on the “Grassy Pakistani Knoll” theory coming on?

Too bad it is now coming out that the bomb blast killed her as she was climbing back into the vehicle.

Make sure to hit these leftosphere sites today so that they can place Cheney at the scene pointing the “Lone Bomber” in the direction he needed to go. If there’s one thing about those suicide volunteers, they ain’t got a good sense of direction.

Not that the Moonbats waited a spare moment to blame Bush, and not too long after the whole of America, for Bhutto’s murder (thanks Ron Paul!). Nope, they hopped right on the Blame Train and stuck it to him/us. A couple more posts from the freaks at FDL. Heck, even the “anyone can play” dweeboids at Huff-a-ton got into it, morally equivocating her murder with teenage hunting, or something.

Did you know that Benazir Bhutto only came out of exile at the request of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and that because of that, America was morally obligated to provide Bhutto with fully staffed and armed Treasury Agents for security in the sovereign state of Pakistan? Yeah! Uh-huh!

Well neither did I until I started reading the dKos, where I found this link. In fact, if I remember correctly, Bhutto had somewhere above 3500 Pakistani security agents at her disposal. Yes, there were things that Musharaff wasn’t letting her have, but American Secret Service agents wouldn’t have been able to provide them either, and can you imagine, after seeing what having US troops in Saudi Arabia did the the jihadi’s attitudes, what having American protection for Bhutto in Pakistan would have done?

Now, of topic a bit but I’ll bring it around, Tim Blair posts about a kerfuffle brewing in the Netherlands over a spoof video on the topic of firework safety that uses an Osama-lookalike. The main quote from the story that I would like to point out is this one,

Dutch government firework safety ads featuring a spoof Islamist terrorist group have been criticised as insensitive and depicting a negative stereotype of the Muslim community.

My point is this: If the Muslim community did not want to have this negative stereotype portrayed upon them, then maybe they should try a little harder at making it so that I didn’t have to hear about a some Allah-worshipping murderous bastard blowing himself up in a crowd every fucking week.

That’s all I’m saying.

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5 Responses to Bhutto, Late

  1. Michael says:

    Ron Paul did not blame the U.S. or the American people.

    He is saying we should understand how our foreign policy results in unintended consequences which come back and bite us and this is because we intervene in the internal affairs of other countries by either subsidising them, bombing them or invading and occupying their land. This almost always backfires on us and we suffer as a result: our nation is less safe, Americans are more likely to die and our soldiers get unnecessarily killed in these entangling alliances.

    Consider our intervention in Pakistan:

    Musharraf gets rid of the democratic government of Pakistan in a coup and becomes dictator. We support the guy and give him 10 billion dollars in aid over 8 years because he’s now our partner in the War on Terror and he’ll get Osama bin Laden for us. But he allows bin Laden roam free in the border regions of Pakistan and actually allows him escape from Tora Bora when we had him surrounded and could have captured him.
    So American taxpayers through U.S government foreign policy are subsidising a dictator who’s funding radical Islamic schools whose students make up the bulk of the Taleban who are now killing our soldiers in Afghanistan. Crazy or what!

    Now we’re thinking of getting involved again because Bhutto has been assasinated — we should learn our lesson and stay out of their internal affairs.

    And what about Osama bin Laden:

    We supported and funded Osama bin Laden in the war against the Soviets in the eighties and we also funded Islamic radicals in Pakistan who then metamorphosised into the Taleban. So bin Laden and the Taleban build up a radical following in Afghanistan, get rid of the Soviets with U.S weapons, and then turn their attention to the U.S because we have military bases in Islamic Holy Land in Saudi Arabia, we take sides in the Israeli/Palestine conflict and we’ve been applying sanctions against Iraq and bombing them for over 10 years resulting in the deaths of more than 1 million Iraqis, mostly children.

    To compound the problem, we’ve gone into Iraq based on the lie that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and as a result, Al Qaeda has more supporters than ever and our boys are sitting ducks over there. We’re more threatened than we’ve ever been and the bitter irony is that bin Laden & pretty much all of the hijackers were Saudis but we support the Saudi regime because of oil and we continue to maintain bases in Saudi Arabia further fuelling the hatred against us. The Saudi regime itself is repressive, dictatorial, has a terrible human rights record and is funding radical muslims in other parts of the world. This is just plain crazy…

    And consider our interventions in Iran also:

    The CIA organised a coup & overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953 because among other things, he wanted to nationalise Iran’s oil and loosen the grip of British oil interests so that the Iran people could better benefit from their own oil.
    So we remove the guy and he eventually gets killed, we install the Shah thereby creating a fundamentalist Islamic theocracy in an Islamic country where democracy was on the verge of flourishing.

    So they hate us for meddling in their internal affairs, but we don’t stop there. We support the dictatorial Saddam regime in Iraq against Iran in a 10-year war in order to protect oil interests by giving Iraq weapons (including chemical & biological agents) which kills millions of Iranian people and further entrenches the Islamic fundamentalists in power in Iran.

    And we still haven’t learnt our lesson because neo-cons talk about pre-emptively attacking Iran using nuclear weapons because they MIGHT have a nuclear weapons programme (they don’t) and they MIGHT attack us with it sometime in the future. The democratic Presidential contenders don’t rule this out and the Republican contenders (except Dr Paul), are even worse because they actively push this crazy policy.

    So Ron Paul makes sense:

    Ron Paul’s supporters understand these issues and think he’s the only sane guy in the room. U.S foreign policy now and in the recent past has been radical, crazy, and full of unintended consequences (though my 10 year-old niece could probably have forseen the disasters that would follow).

    Ron Paul is the sensible guy in all of this and his non-interventionist approach where we trade & talk to people (even those we don’t like) would actually make the U.S and the world a safer place, safeguard American interests, make it less likely that radicals take over in unstable countries and it would do a better job of promoting democracy abroad. We don’t need troops in Germany, Japan or South Korea and we certainly don’t need our boys getting killed in the Middle East or potentially Pakistan. They should all come home.

    We lost 68,000 men in Vietnam before we accepted defeat and came home. But now we talk and trade with Vietnam and while they’ve still got a few problems, they are well on the way to being a peaceful westernised country — so by following a non-interventionist policy we achieved in peace what we couldn’t achieve in a pre-emptive war and the sacrifice of 68,000 young lives.

  2. Phil says:

    Michael, yes, he did clearly state that America is at fault and he clearly implied that if we would stop electing people who intervene in international affairs (aka: Foreign Policy) instead of people like himself who would prefer to hole up in a fortress while the world goes apeshit around us that, in his view, the world would be much better.

    Secondly: Musharraf is not subsidizing radical Madrassas. Remember, the Taliban, etc., want him dead? There is a reason for that.

    Third: You are a fucking nutcase if you believe that there have seen “the deaths of more than 1 million Iraqis, mostly children”. Saddam Hussein might have killed one million Iraqis, but America has not. There is no respectable proof for those allegations just as there is no proof that anyone lied about Hussein’s involvement in September 11th to get us to go to Iraq. Just because some number of misinformed and clueless citizens of this country think that does not make it so. People believe that Elvis is still alive and no matter what anyone says, that is not the current Administration’s fault either.

    Fourth: No one, especially not your four year old niece, could have foreseen these events. If you believe she should have, send her to talk to Art Bell, he loves psychics.

    Fifth: We did not lose in Vietnam. There was not one country in the 1st World that would interact with them after we left. They sat in darkness as a ruined shell of a nation for two decades until we were kind enough to stretch out our hand to show them what we are showing the rest of the world: That personal freedom and open markets are the only path to success. If that is not victory, then you have some strange standards.

    Lastly, you posted your response to this within 3 minutes of me publishing this post. You are either the fastest typist in the world or you cut & pasted this shit into my comment box.

    From here on out, you will be treated as spam if you cannot be honest to converse with your own, non-prewritten and pooly thought out, words.

  3. Jim says:


    Just a few short weeks ago, Bill Whittle went and posted the definitive response to asswits such as Michael.

    Read it here.

    A lovely excerpt:

    Many people hear or read something like “american’s” rant and think that because it is structured and literate there must be something to it. How many college students today, when presented with such nonsense, would read it and think that they are approaching the days of a Nazi state?


    Damn it! Lots of them would. Why? Because, like the 9/11 conspiracy “troofers,” no one bothers to call these people out. Thinking about this response took half again as long as actually typing it did: which is to say a few minutes. That is because I know how far from reality this diatribe is. These are things I think about every day, and likely, so do you. Realizing from scratch that his point was absurd, the specifics were easy.

    We can no longer afford to let this anti-American garbage pass unchallenged. As a kind and secure people, we tend to let a lot of this go under the bridge, but this kind of crap gets more and more traction, and those days I think must come to an end for a while.

    Now normally I do not employ personal ridicule, but I was writing in the heat of the moment and I thought it was no less than such a puerile attempt deserved. These people need to be challenged, factually defeated, thrashed, and mocked.

    There was a time when common sense was prevalent enough that arguments this absurd would be laughed at on the street. I mean to return to those times, one self-righteous idiot at a time.

    Now, I may have messed up my use of the HTML, and so do please fix it if I did.

    Still, the larger point remains, and I’m in agreement with Mr. Whittle on this.

    The “Michaels” of this world need be mocked, and that frightfully, until they dare not raise their head when among sane and polite company. Ever.

    Thanks for letting me use a bit of your bandwidth, Phil. An honor, to be sure.

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  4. Anthony L. says:

    Given your rules, Phil, I rather doubt we will hear from Michael again. Folks like him *have* to cut and paste, as they are incapable of cognizant thoughts of their own.

    As Jim points out above, Whittle is right; used to be such folks were assumed to be escapees from the local mental ward, or in desperate need of relocation to said facility.

    Count me in with mocking these asshatted idiots, wherever they may drop their clueless missives.

  5. Rivrdog says:

    You’ve been had, again, by Michael’s RSS system with Pauloonian detectors in it. These Pauloons consider themselves the cutting edge, etc. They have set up RSS nets on the Rightosphere, and their bots read each post within microseconds, detecting any reference to Guru Paul. Their bulltwaddle is pre-written, and can go up in a few minutes after the post comes in. If you want to test this out, don’t ban Michael, just set YOUR posting-bot to put up test-posts about Guru Ron at various hours during a day, and see how fast each is answered.

    Since even monkeys with typewriters have to sleep sometime, we will soon see if there are real humans behind the bots. There might not be. It might be totally automated, and that IS the definition of spam. Even if it is not TOTALLY automated, the fact remains that there is a set-up RSS system to sweep the ‘net and gather every post which mentions Paul.

    The geeks have gone for Paul in a big way. Geeks can be useful, but only because we are lazy and don’t want to get ass-fucked by Bill Gates, so we don’t learn enough about Microsquish’s crappy OS to keep our puters running, and we have to use geek-help.

    Geeks are also notoriously fickle guru-worshippers, and the next guru to come down the line will get their allegiance when Paul goes to the bottom of the heap and gives up in six months.

    If only we could get them to worship the Constitution…

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