This ought to be interesting

An email sent to Michelle Malkin

Hi Michelle!

Could you please publicize this upcoming protest on your site…

Protest to demand the resignation of Mayor Newsom and the end of SF’s criminal alien shield (otherwise known as the Sanctuary City Policy).

San Francisco City Hall Wednesday, July 30th 11 A.M.

The call was put out by the Minuteman Project, but we are asking all Bay Area folks, conservative and liberal, who are fed up with this insane and suicidal policy to join us. If you can’t come in person, please email Mayor Newsom, DA Kamala Harris, and the media and tell them you support this protest.

Thanks Michelle. All of us appreciate the coverage that you have given to the Bologna family tragedy and the insane policies that allowed it to happen. I am a Bay Area native, 20-year San Francisco resident, who is sickened to death by what the progressives have done to our town.

Respectfully, David Karner San Francisco, CA

I hope Zombie or Protest Shooter makes it to this.

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