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I don’t like to say I told them so

But I did. And so did just about anyone who has actually read Marx and understood it. Venezuelans struggle to find food The lines formed at dawn and remained long throughout the day _ hundreds upon hundreds of Venezuelans waiting … Continue reading

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It pained him

Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) was “pained” by the revelation that Bill Clinton is a congenital liar, when Clinton tried to get everyone to believe him that he didn’t support going into Iraq. Unfortunately for Slick Willy, we have his words … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/27/07

For those who didn’t bother to read the Dale Amon post after I grabbed the Heinlein quote from it yesterday, maybe this will help you follow the linkage. People who whinge and cry into cameras for The State to ‘protect … Continue reading

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The Days of Our Plates

Rob at the Say Anything blog thinks the owner of this SUV likes watching Liberal heads explode. I tend to agree, though I’d hate to be that guy’s insurer. Speaking of license plates, my selection from the “Personalized License Plate … Continue reading

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Ain’t it nice how they frame it?

Tonight during the YouTube Republican Dog & Pony Show, you may see a video recorded by Pat and Lynn Mulder. Their son, Ryan Skipper, was murdered by men who had absolutely not a care in the world for the life … Continue reading

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Why yes, they are. The leftosphere had a heyday with this vid last week Green Team on With FireDogLake and HorsesAss being just a couple of the sites that posted it. Little do they know, they are being mocked. … Continue reading

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Must not have been the real deal

A show trial!?! From anti-US leftists!?! How dare I make such an assertion! But that is what it was. French Prosecutors throw out Rumsfeld torture case The Paris prosecutors’ office has dismissed a suit against Donald Rumsfeld accusing the former … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/26/07

Found at the end of a wonderful must read post by Dale Amon at Samizdata. You can never defeat a free man. The most that you can do is kill him. Robert A. Heinlein

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A Couple of Points

I never saw expressed last week when folks were writing about the woman who had an abortion so that she would not “increase her carbon footprint”. Just to get it off the table: I don’t care about the abortion itself. … Continue reading

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The last time

The leftosphere “Supported the Troops” soldiers at Walter Reed got hate mail. Simon at Classical Values saw the kids at the dKos Animal Farm and Petting Zoo getting a plan together. Today, I’m calling all kossacks with an invitation to … Continue reading

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