The Biggest Laugh I’ve Had

In a long time.

So I’m writing some emails last night on my break at work and as I pop back into my inbox I find a message from someone writing under the name “F. Randy Olsen�.

Here is his message,

Your ass is mine.

I have a pretty good line on you and when we meet, I will give you a whole new reason not to insult people with large friends. Start hiding now, you little prick.

Being a right wing blogger, especially one who doesn’t apologize for what he says, I’ve gotten my fair share of crap like this in my email box.

But this one is hilarious.

First off, I don’t know why he wants my ass. Other than maybe my feet, I would think that my ass would be one of the last parts of me someone would want.

Then, after telling me he ‘has a good line on me’ he lets me know that he is either a coward who has to rely on his ‘large friends’ to fight his battles or that he is a big dumb oaf who has let himself get talked into attempting to kick my ass for some other coward.

Either way, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think he really has that ‘good of a line on me’ or he would know that I can look across the roofline of an F-150 in my stocking feet and am willing to take on all comers.

I am also left to wonder what this “Whole New Reason� is going to be? It should be quite obvious to Randy that I never had an old one. So I guess it’ll be like Christmas then! Kool!

So bring it on, Randy. I’ve got the skills to give you doctor bills.

UPDATE: Well, it seems that Randy is also a homophobe!

You can check the comments to David’s post on USMC General Pace’s NewsHour interview to see what Randy has to say. He signed in as ‘FR olsen’, but rest assured, it is Randy.

Rivrdog has already had some fun with him, why don’t you all give it your best shot when you get a chance.

BTW Randy, just where did you want to meet? Or is this going to be a surprise Christmas present?

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3 Responses to The Biggest Laugh I’ve Had

  1. Nukevet says:

    Hahahaha! I love these little pricks. Why don’t you shoot me his IP address, and I’ll track him down. If I can track Harmonia all the way to specific addresses in Glasgow and New Zealand, I should be able to find your new friend. Then, you can meet him on your timetable, not his.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    I’m SOOOOO disappointed. I thought that when someone signed their communications “FR (name), that meant that they were advancing the Catholic or Anglican title of “Father”, for priest.

    Since this guy now takes pains to tell us that his name is “F.Randy Olsen”, it seems obvious that he isn’t a queer religious man, just a queer.

    I take back all the previous slurs against him as a queer priest, and put these forward:

    Hiding behind email while threatening doesn’t measure you up to the level of a pissant, which will at least face it’s adversary in the daylight.

    All the HONEST shit-shovelers that I’ve met have fairly thick skins, but you seem willing to dive into a pile of shit and start flinging it like an ape, while lacking the ability to take any shit.

    I think your initials stand for Fucking Retard Ogre, but that’s just my sense of it.

    Oh, and by the way, I haven’t been scared of Ogres since my sister taught me to read using Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a reader. That was more years ago than you’ve got atoms of good sense, asswipe.

    Fuck off and die.

  3. David says:

    Not a lot of things I despise in this world, but violent homophobes are among ’em.

    Go soil your own nest with your vitriol, Randy.

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