October E-Postal Match Results

In a surpising turn of events, the October Edition of the e-Postal Match series was a bigger flop than Eddie Murphy’s singing career.

It is probably at least partially my fault for not posting on it after posting the task, or it may have been the intimidation factor of the set of targets.

Either way, we only had two entries, and that is counting mine.

So the results for the match are:


Analog Kid: 90/100 – 100yds .308Win


Mr. Completely: 100/100 – 10yds 22LR

Congrats Mr. C!

Speaking of the guy who sets up the pistol e-Postals, he has had a rules modification on his October pistol task you might want to take advantage of. I know that I might.

The November rifle e-Postal task will be posted in the coming days, so watch out for that.

You’ll be “Taking Down Tom�.

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