Happy Dance Time

Question: am I doing a happy dance because

a) Samuel Alito is being castigated by the frothy left as a threat to gun control?

b) The Gun Guy got a new gun (and deservedly so)?

c) The AnalogKid’s away, and Barb & I get to play around with his blog?

The answer is Yes to all three!

When I awoke this morning and my clock radio told me it was Alito, my grin just kept widening, especially as I listened to the increasingly glum NPR anchors! Me likey!

If you read frothing-at-the-mouth lefty types (and gosh, who doesn’t — they’re so entertaining) you’ve no doubt come across statements that “Scalito” is “a threat to gun control.” Well, no; more accurately, he’s a threat to Congressional overreaching, which includes Federal meddling in intrastate affairs such as private ownership of firearms. See here and here. He’s a great nominee, though, and the guy gets it about original intent, so he’s very likely to understand that RKBA is an individual right. It ain’t just about the militia, baby!

As for The Gun Guy, we all around the RNS campfire expect to see you putting your new baby through her paces at the 2006 Boomershoot! If TGG can ring the gong at 300 yards, he can certainly punch some holes in a Boomer at 375!

And with respect to c), the Kid shouldn’t be too worried. After all, Barb recently posted that she’s a d20 type — a natural leader — while I, on the other hand, am a plain, sturdy, reliable d6! Leader & follower — that’s a good combo any day!

I am a d6

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