Wintermute has a new study

Says Gun Owners who become felons but don’t surrender their weapons are very likely to commit future felonies.

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  1. What isn’t said is that many of those “crimes” that can prevent ownership also do not directly relate to the use of a firearm in the crime.

    I speak from experience since I was charged with a felony because my car slid on ice. However my right to firearms was suspended from charge date through until charges were dropped.

    “We looked at how often people who have purchased guns legally, then became prohibited from owning them.”

    If that was their actual measurement basis, they also included anyone who acted in self defense but the prosecutor required a jury to decide it was self defense.

    They also state:

    Felons and people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or subject to domestic violence restraining orders are among those individuals who are prohibited from buying or owning a gun.

    They include people who haven’t been found guilty and have had their rights stripped, often for no reason. Restraining orders in divorces are “standard” even though it utterly screws the man’s life up. No recourse for him though.

    Yet another bigoted study showing how their bigotry is working in screwing over law abiding citizens.


  2. Kevin Baker says:

    Bear in mind that current Federal law states that if you are convicted of any crime that is punishable by more than 12 months in jail – regardless of your actual sentence, then you forever lose your right to arms.

    Do you have any idea how many laws out there include sentences greater than one year?

    I can pretty much guarantee you that, should I be convicted of breaking some chickenshit law that gets my right to arms pulled, I’ll be following up with something that’ll make it worth it.

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