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Good essay

How can one pass reasoned judgment on public policy if one is ignorant of the principles of constitutional government, the operation of the market, the impact of society on perception and belief and, not least, the competing opinions about justice … Continue reading

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Preparing You For Insertion into the Matrix

Glucose Fuel Cell can power internal medical devices. And, hopefully, all those cool ass cybernetics that the clinics in Hong Kong will be offering any day now.

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Well that was sobering

Why don’t more medical breakthroughs become cures? This sucks, because I have a bad knee that really needs some new cartilage (I get a new MRI on it tomorrow to see how bad it’s gotten lately, since I can hear … Continue reading

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The Onion inadvertantly reports real news

Politicians Don’t Trust Citizens

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Well that is a big bucket of “Duh!”

Zero tolerance policies actually make students feel less safe. Now can we repeal all these idiotic rules and get back to showing some sense?

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RNS Quote of the Day 05/19/10

We take border security very seriously. Our President said that today in his press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Obama says we take it so seriously, that we are searching 100% of southbound rail cargo for automatic weapons and … Continue reading

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I say, turn out the lights!

Arizona Official Threatens to Cut Off Los Angeles Power as Payback for Boycott

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At UC Gattaca UC Berkeley is adding something a little different this year in its welcome package — cotton swabs for a DNA sample. In the past, incoming freshman and transfer students have received a rather typical welcome book from … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/19/10

Finally! Honesty from the political class. Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam Byrne – Former UK Chief Secretary to the Treasury Now if only the corresponding bureaucrats on this side … Continue reading

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