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Cthulhuoid Sex Toy

This being Phil’s site, far be it from me to dub this thing the Official RNS Sex Toy… but it does have a soft green glow. Really! Poured in beautiful pearlescent shades of pink and blue, turn out the lights … Continue reading

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I’m not saying that being a thug who uses his wealth to threaten or file pervasive censorious harassment suits is as bad as being a thug with an established history of violence against women. But it’s in the ballpark. And … Continue reading

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Such a simple idea

That it won’t even cross the minds of the overthinkers in the Obama Administration. Last Friday night, co-worker Paul was visiting me at my office and we were discussing the issue. I laid out this scenario. You should read what … Continue reading

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The Revenge of Security Theater

Don’t be mouthing off to the TSA dweebies. You WILL respect their authority! Airline passengers who get frustrated and kick a wall, throw a suitcase or make a pithy comment to a screener could find themselves in a little-known Homeland … Continue reading

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