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What to Wear When Interacting With Authority

If I’d had these magnificent glasses five years ago when the IRS agent auditing our company told us within minutes of walking in the door that we should just sign off on his conclusions so he wouldn’t have to look … Continue reading

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Humvee gets a makeover

OK, not really, it’s a whole new vehicle. How long before the civilian version comes out, do ya think?

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Cops Kill Grandma Because Son Pissed Off Census Worker

A Calgunner’s comment: “There’s a possibility that she came blazing out her house wearing a bandoleer of shotgun shells, with two sawed-off Mossbergs in each hand, screaming “I’ve always wanted to bag me some cops…looks like now I got me … Continue reading

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Ah, the efficiency of government

A 26-page brownie recipe.

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