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Flying the Maple Seed Express

This is neat, a micro air vehicle designed around a Samara Seed (think Maple Seed). Nice toy, and I could see those night flights getting people freaked about UFOs.

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No surprise here

A big part of our Health Care problem is the lack of Primary Care Physicians, a part the HCR did nothing to address. The authors note that the primary care shortage will become increasingly problematic in the wake of health … Continue reading

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Interesting Information

from FireDogLake, no less John Spratt, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, was recently appointed by President Obama to the Debt Commission. I’ve been going through documents looking at his history regarding Social Security reform, and his involvement in “secret … Continue reading

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Fucking Awesome!

The Onion, once again, wins the internet

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This Drug War, it isn’t worth it

Video of a SWAT raid on a middle class family over an ounce of pot.  The kids get to experience the cops killing their family Corgi.  Then they had the audacity to charge the parents with child endangerment. While I … Continue reading

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Two wrongs and no rights

Everyone is, rightly, tongue lashing Kyl and McCain for saying that Shahzad shouldn’t have been read his Miranda rights. US citizen captured on US soil. Unless you’re going to say that McVeigh and Nichols shouldn’t have been read their rights, … Continue reading

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