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Awesome Kitchen Knives

For years I’ve made do in the kitchen with my Hibben throwing knives (right). With their thick blade they’re more than a bit unsuited for fine slicing. Yet I persisted. Why? No, it’s not because aikido dude used ’em in … Continue reading

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Even More Rotten Apples

Seems like folks don’t take kindly to me making fum of their pretty computers. Fine, I’ll make fun of the company instead. But this one is not kind at all, and in fact may upset a few with its graphic-ness, … Continue reading

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Doing wind power right! …or at least doing it better.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT), the giant propellers that dot the landscape in various parts of the country, are just about done.  Technologically, we’ve pretty much hit the limit of size & efficiency given the current state of the art.  … Continue reading

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