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My new favorite way to waste time…

…on the internet, anyway. Emails from an Asshole The one linked above is by far my favorite, but there are many gems. You’re welcome.

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Battle Rifles

Rugged and self-loading, these rifles were designed for incapacitating and killing men in great numbers and at great distances. Owning battle rifles is no cause for shame. Sometimes, by their lethally aggressive behavior, men deserve to be shot. When they … Continue reading

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Calvin & Hobbes & Fight Club

Via the Atomic Nerds, we get this excellent essay showing how Calvin & Hobbes grew up to be ‘Jack’ & Tyler Durden.

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David Sedaris

Last night, I went to see David Sedaris at Benoroyal Hall in Seattle.  It was a good show, very funny.  I don’t like to read his work much, but I love to listen to him read it – his delivery … Continue reading

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It very well could be the answer

As to how he got elected Don’t stare at it too long or you’ll start to think that a VAT Tax is a good idea

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They grow up so fast

When your favorite childish UK automotive show host expresses an opinion like this it almost makes you wonder where all the years have gone to. Something strange is going on in this country. In the run-up to the general election … Continue reading

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As in: “I am struck at how dumb these supposedly intelligent people are acting.” The members of the US National Academy of Sciences issued a letter denouncing “McCarthy-like threats and tactics” by engaging in McCarthy-like threats and tactics. For instance, … Continue reading

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