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DIY Predator Drone

Awesome ain’t the word. Check your local laws, of course.

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What Gun for Steamy Shower?

I’m actually serious. From time to time I’ll hop in the shower or take a long soak in the tub and a firearm will be nearby. (Not in the shower, but rather in a cubbyhole, or on a shelf, where … Continue reading

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HOLY [email protected]#&!, We need to start a foundation or something

Think of the CHILDREN!!!

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Costner to the rescue?!

Kevin Costner has a device to clean up the BP oil spill?  Whoda thunk?

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The moon is Scottish

As shown by this recent putt.  Evidence here.

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Death Penalty for dog who tried to help owner

Dog tries to drag dying owner to safety, gets euthanized.  Would it have really cost that much to just impound the dog until after the coroner released his findings?  I sometimes think our justice system is a bit too callous … Continue reading

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This is just insulting

Maybe Phil will tell me I’m being an elitist, but seriously, why the fuck do King County Bus Drivers make $75K – $100K a year?!  I can’t imagine bus driver training takes more than 6 weeks, if not less, or … Continue reading

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Trouble at the Academies

One professor at Annapolis thinks so buy lexaprocialis mastercard purchasepurchase cialiscialis professionalcialis super activeviagra super activebuy viagra onlinebuy cialisorder generic viagracompare viagra pricesbuy cialis no prescriptioncialis sublingualgeneric levitracialis buy on lineviagra order on linecompare cialis pricescialis pricesbuy viagra onlinecialis visa … Continue reading

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Not one thin dime

Tar + Feathers + Senator. Light assembly required. A Democratic senator is introducing legislation for a bailout of troubled union pension funds.  If passed, the bill could put another $165 billion in liabilities on the shoulders of American taxpayers. The … Continue reading

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I haven’t gotten the bug yet

But for those who have Firefly takes flight again with “Browncoats: Redemption” Sadly, Joss Whedon’s stellar sci-fi western Firefly remains grounded for now. But Trekkie-like die-hard fans called Browncoats are nevertheless taking flight with their own film Browncoats: Redemption. It … Continue reading

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