It’s a Day of Remembrance

Not just an excuse to take the day off and cook burgers and drink beer.

Now that I think about it, does anyone anymore take 3 minutes and face the East on November 11th?

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3 Responses to It’s a Day of Remembrance

  1. CAshane says:

    I’ve never heard of, or been taught the significance of facing East. Can you elaborate?

  2. On November 11, at (I think) 11 AM Eastern time, you face East to remember the end of WWI

  3. Armageddon Rex says:

    That whole “War to end all wars” thing didn’t work out quite the way it had been advertised.

    Perhaps after WWII, Korea, Veitnam, etc. It was better to just honor our fallen heroes and living veterans on their respective days.

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