Polymer-Frame Scroll Engraving

I did not know they could do that. I think that actually looks pretty spiffy.

Found at Collectors.

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4 Responses to Polymer-Frame Scroll Engraving

  1. Rob Robideau says:

    Looks like a Steyr M-A1. To each their own… Too gaudy for me. It looks like it should be on the table full of guns confiscated from the mexican drug cartels.

  2. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Yep, Steyr M it is. My question to you is would you like it if the slide were black?

    I always liked the S&W Custom Shop scroll engraving on blued J-frames. Even with full-coverage engraving it still looked classy — a subdued look. The polymer frame here reminds me of that a lot.

  3. Kyle says:

    It’s not the A1 model – it’s the plain old M-40/9.

    And amusingly, one of the reasons I got rid of mine was that the grip became too slick when shooting. The other reason was that the grip angle, while more “natural,” actually made it more difficult to shoot because locking one’s wrist is harder to do when it’s canted downward. Conventional grip angles for the win.

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