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Early Soundboard: Remedy

This one’s another Kaskade remix. The wife and I can’t get enough of it. It’s great to, er, get to know each other to. Y’know, in that Biblical sense!

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Orville A. Bierkle Update

“Daily. Photographer: Richardson. Date: 1952-05-30. Reporter: Swaim. Assignment: Memorial Day. San Gabriel. K33, 34: San Gabriel’s first Memorial Day parade passing reviewing stand in front of Mission Playhouse. On reviewing stand, L to R: Mayor Paul T. Erskine; Chief of … Continue reading

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Hail the Amber Lamps

ET has the best thing on the net today. UPDATE: And of all the curses in the world, you definitely don’t want this one: may the good people at 4chan make your life more pleasurable. If the above doesn’t make … Continue reading

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Strap-on Tank Treads

For your vehicle.

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Threatening the Nuclear Option

Today, the day before the Republicans are set to meet with the President, Harry Reid is threatening to use “reconciliation” on the health care bill. Breitbart.tv has a compilation video up from the 2005 protests of the Republican threat to … Continue reading

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Dance of the Tiger

The Rock Sugar CD, Reimaginator, arrived, and it’s everything I expected and more. On the band’s website, they’re taking suggestions for new mashups of ’80s classics. This requires some thought. My nomination: Combine the two below to form Dance of … Continue reading

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Adventures in Twititude

Glen Beck can be a twit. I sometimes listen to him on my way home in the mornings. He has called himself a clown and when he goes into clown-mode is when I tire of him quickly. However, Mark Levin … Continue reading

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Do you live in the south King County?

Then there is a good chance you live in the WA-47 Legislative District. And that means that Rep. Geoff Simpson belongs to you. He said this about you. And then he compared you to the guy who flew the plane … Continue reading

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Their violent fantasies would be so cute

If they didn’t actually want them to come true. For our non-Washingtonian readers, we have a serial filer of Citizen’s Initiatives named Tim Eyman. If it’s getting taxed, he’s filing an initiative to cut said tax. I, of course, vote … Continue reading

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