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SW Radio the size of a pack of cards

Looks like this little radio might be a cool product. Got a good review in Modernsurvival magazine. Available in moisture-proof packaging for long-term storage….

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Just Call Me Akbar Zeb

Well this puts a different spin on the ol’ Admiral, eh?

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Your Daily (Garden) Geek

Aside from being an Aerospace Engineer and software developer, I’m also a bit of a gun geek, a complete & total science geek (especially anything related to physics, solid state or particle), a tinkerer, and an accomplished gardener (I’ll post … Continue reading

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So, according to Glenn Greenwald, the president has the power to assassinate a US citizen who is ID’d as a terrorist.  That just sounds lovely.  At least Glenn is rightfully disturbed by this.

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So who wants to bet that no one who dreamed up Carbon Credits saw this one coming?

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Storm Warning

The wife’s a Colts fan. Hi Honey! Click to embiggen.

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The Skunks (and Rats) in the Walls

More specifically, in our ducting. I may have mentioned before that when we moved into the house, we noticed LOTs of rat activity both in the attic and crawlspace. I managed to kill ’em off in the attic, but every … Continue reading

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Doing it right, or at least better

A few days ago, I posted about the city of Colorado Springs not falling for the budget cut line.  Phil did a follow-up. Now I live up in Everett, WA, a city of about 100K+.  I’m pretty active in my … Continue reading

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RNS QUote of the Day: 02/04/10

It’s sad because it’s true The good news is that, when it comes to reshaping the U.S. mortgage market [any market for that matter — ed.], the Obama administration’s top guns are bringing to bear all of the brisk, rough-’n’-ready … Continue reading

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