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Engineering Week!

For those that don’t know, the is National Engineering Week. Part of what happens this week is engineers go around to the local schools and talk about engineering, as well as participate in local extra-curricular math & science activities. Me … Continue reading

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Thinking of Leaving

But can’t find a country that isn’t a shithole in some way or another? Have you thought about Sea Steading?

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Your Daily Geek – She isn’t called MOTHER Nature because she’s an idiot, ya know Edition

Two new technologies from old Gaia herself (and isn’t spider silk just always oh so cool, if only spiders didn’t give me the willies). Water Capture Spider Silk Plastic Eating Fungus

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It seems as though Californians could be getting some out of state help. From CalGuns via Derek the Packing Rat Oregon Sheriff Palmer wants to issue you an OR state CCW Permit in CA! Oregon Sheriff Palmer wants to issue … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/09/10

This explains quite a bit. My point here is not to champion Republicans. It is not to champion democracy. My point is that the ones throwing the temper tantrum right now are the Progressives. They think that the 2008 election … Continue reading

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Not Keen on Keynes

It takes a lack of understanding of human nature to wholeheartedly believe in Keynesian Economic theory. It takes a mental midget to believe in it and then go and ignore a big portion of it. Shawn Tully interviewed Carnegie Mellon … Continue reading

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