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The World Is Green

Pretty amazing stuff. I can identify some of it as fake before the reveal, but not all. The walking sequence at about 1:30 shows a technical capability I didn’t think existed yet. I wonder if kids a decade from now … Continue reading

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WARNING! The linked post and comments are unreasonably reasonable.

You have been warned.  I’m sure the Brady Bunch will be giving it a poor grade ASAP.

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Left Coast to the Rescue

For once. I’ll leave it to our resident legal eagle to explain if he thinks this’ll help Mr. Gura’s 14th Amendment argument with the SCOTUS, but for now I’ll just say yee-haw!

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This is what happens

When you let anti-civil rights editorialists spout off at the mouth about topic of which they know nothing. Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t bring a gun into Yellowstone National Park, but soon anyone with a permit will be able to shoulder a … Continue reading

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Oh, there’ll be spin in that Zone

When O’Reilly sits-n-spins on the tip of my boot. The guy’s always been a jackass/blowhard/demagogue, but last night’s performance puts him over the top. Like we don’t already have enough GFW’s in the media. MSNBC could use a ratings boost. … Continue reading

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Friday Fiction: Than Curse The Darkness

or, a brace of .45s against an Elder God doesn’t work as well as an advocate of the .45 as the be-all-and-end-all-of-personal-weapons might think. Actually, I’m just being snarky; you’ll like how the character with the .45s uses them in … Continue reading

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