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Makee Teh Moosick

Here ya all go, your new music maker. Ya’ll can thank me later, at 3AM, when you can’t play with it any more because you’ve passed out on your keyboard.

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Peek Into My Mind: Bookmarks

Tomorrow my buggy office computer’s getting wiped and all-new software installed. Part of the backup process involves clearing out my intarwebs bookmarks, and since I tend to bookmark as a placeholder — sort of an “I found this interesting but … Continue reading

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The Brilliance of Slime Mold

Slime mold effortlessly duplicates intricate Japanese rail network. The scary thought is that if you take an oatmeal-for-brains leftie and apply slime mold to the grey matter, you’d get a duplicate leftie brain. Maybe even a network of ’em.

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Uncle’s new meme

In case you missed it, Uncle started a meme with his post on the Audi Superbowl ad. The commercial should have ended with a guy in a big ass Ford Earthfuckertm that gets 5 miles per gallon with seats made … Continue reading

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If you thought colleges were indoctrination centers now

Wait until ACORN is publishing the textbooks The Open College Textbook Act of 2010 HR 4575 – To authorize grants for the creation, update, or adaption of open textbooks, and for other purposes. Section 4 – Part E (a) Grants … Continue reading

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He’s got class

Mr. Completely informs us that Mark Knapp will be coming to Whidbey Island in the near future to give a firearms class. If you’re in WA, you should look into attending.

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Take a look at this

(click to embiggen) This bill (SB6853) was introduced into Washington Senate yesterday. A “public” hearing was also held in the Ways & Means Committee. Please read the bill and give your opinion as to what exactly it does to the … Continue reading

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Background ad absurdium

In America you need to have a background check to buy a firearm. In the UK, you need to have a background check to see you child at their school. Last week, the boy Puddlecote’s school e-mailed their regular newsletter. … Continue reading

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Doing the criminal’s work for them

Who needs enemies when you have government like this? The Department of Health Care Services said Monday it has breached the privacy of 49,352 people who receive adult day-care services from the state. The department said that letters it mailed … Continue reading

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Crazy is as crazy does

Jane Hamsher of the hyper-leftist FireDogLake blog is asking her readers to vote for Dem House members to give their pledge drive money to later this year. Leading the pack Dennis Kucinich (D-Uranus) Second place is Alan Grayson (D-Loudmouth) And … Continue reading

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