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Give ’em hell

In the midst of this move from old rental house to new purchased house, I have also been having to deal with the moving of my employer’s offices from building that is being remodeled to one that should have been … Continue reading

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Get ready for the re-education

The numbers for Obama’s health care plan look worse than those for Bush’s privatization of Social Security Less than 15% of U.S. voters support, and 53% oppose, a proposal pushed by health insurers requiring every American to provide proof of … Continue reading

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John Moses Browning High School

The City of Chicago Public School system is wanting to open a “homosexual-friendly” high school (whatever the fuck that is). The proposed name is: Social Justice High School – Pride Campus I have never heard a single modern-day story about … Continue reading

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Not in a hundred years

Will you ever see figures like these for any of the major counties in western Washington (because they’re afraid to release them). online casino roulette wheel play casino euro bonus 2007 bonus casino code online las vegas casino coupons blackjack … Continue reading

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Think Calgunners aren’t risking jail? Think again

Okay, some of the commenters at Kevin’s and Uncle’s seem to think that just because the Calguns folks went to the trouble of checking with attorneys about their innovative legal theories, they’re not really engaging in civil disobedience. It’s not … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale

Joe Huffman often makes the point that gun banners are bigots. We need to make them as reviled as the KKK. All well and good, but there are methods that work and methods that don’t. Want an example of one … Continue reading

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Prag and threeper, both adorable, both crawling towards the same goal. Which one is which is for the reader to determine.  (Think about your choice: it may say more about your willingness to label than about any particular philosophy you … Continue reading

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