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Home Improvement

Three bedrooms and a Family Room later, I’ve had just about enough of painting. Unfortunately, I still have two stairways and a living room to go. I did discover that I don’t need a ladder to mask a ceiling and … Continue reading

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Lies and Drivel

Those are the only two words I can think of to describe this OpEd from John Rosenthal of the ASHA in the Boston Herald With the historic election of Barack Obama, the nation finally has an opportunity to enact sensible … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/01/08

If you don’t recognize the name Damian Green, you will want to after reading this Jacqui Smith either knew what was going down and failed to prevent it, in which case she should be sacked forthwith for contempt of Parliament, … Continue reading

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Racist school to be closed

In Seattle. The Seattle School District has come out with the facilities to be closed to keep themselves at least close to “Within Budget” and the utterly disturbing African American Academy is on the chopping block. I’ve posted about the … Continue reading

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I could have told you that

But I guess that having the percentages from Rasmussen makes it official During his acceptance speech last night at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota, John McCain told the audience, “We believe in a strong defense, work, faith, service, a … Continue reading

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