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Oleg Volk on Mumbai

Excellent, as usual. Clicky to go see and marvel.

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Write Your Own Caption

Found at Oleg Volk’s place. Not his photo, but it made him smile.

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Gettin’ Neighborly

I forgot to mention this earlier this week, but over the weekend while getting the painting done, I got a chance to see one of my new neighbors as we were both walking out to our respective trucks. His shirt … Continue reading

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The Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Ridefast points out this bit of bigoted folks writing for the SF Chronically Incorrect getting all giggly in the wiggly about Barry Bonds becoming a spokesperson for Christiansen Arms. Yesterday seems to have been a hayday for bigots to come … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/03/08

The final paragraph in a well written post So in a show of good faith, I would like to see our federal leaders take the lead in fiscal accountability by refusing to accept a salary until, as they’ve demanded of … Continue reading

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Umm, what?

Michelle Malkin had a post up yesterday about this jackass-tivist in Miami who is moving vagrants into homes he knows to unoccupied because they are either under foreclosure or just for sale. In the article, they quote a spokesperson for … Continue reading

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