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Neato Burrito

Just a few quick links here. Bob Owens fills us in on his six-month journey being a private citizen who CCW’s daily. On May 13, I was awarded my concealed carry permit and decided to carry a handgun as often … Continue reading

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The Absurd File

Part 1: US National Absurdity The Capitol Visitors Center Plenty of critics have accused Congress of forgetting the Constitution from time to time. But a constitutional scholar who has toured the new Capitol Visitor Center, a monument Congress built to … Continue reading

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What looked good then

Doesn’t look so good now. First, a little background on recycling: Someone picks up your recyclables from your curb. Said “Collector” takes them to a sorting plant (in some areas you are lucky enough to be able to just drop … Continue reading

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The Price for Power?

Just give up most of what you believe in. Nominee would lead ID program she opposed As governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for homeland security secretary, pledged that her state would not cooperate with a major … Continue reading

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You might be an idiot if….

You are an atheist resident of Washington State who thought that this was the best thing you could post in your state sponsored area of the capitol Christmas holiday display There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth … Continue reading

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