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Get Ready for “Blizzard Watch 2008!”

No, that doesn’t have enough “fright factor”. How about “Run for cover, it’s the Seattle Snow-Pocalypse!”? Almost, but not quite. OK, here we go…. “Polar Onslaught! We’re all gonna die!” Yeah, that is the ticket! Yep, Seattle is “bracing” for … Continue reading

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Welcome, Australia

To the world of facts. For many years, the Australian people suffered under a government that relied on failed “common sense” arguments that “common sense gun laws” would yield positive results in regards to their rate of crime. Of course, … Continue reading

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Its not funny

Because its true Found via DANEgerus

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/16/08

The last line from this Usually works. Always worth trying.

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Olbermann: Part Douche?

Jane Hamsher, hate-mistress of hyper-left FireDogLakeblog, is celebrating the promotion of David Schuster to a prime-time slot at the increasingly insipid Obama lapdog that is MSNBC. And if she likes him, you know it can’t be good. The cable news … Continue reading

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Be Afraid

Be very afraid. Local dolt and King County Executive, Ron “Tax to the Max” Sims, is being interviewed and backgrounded by the FBI, most likely for an appointment in the future Obama administration. When you think of government being able … Continue reading

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