I hope it becomes a fad

After Abu Ghraib, the hip thing for lefties to do to impress their friends was to dress up as the guy in the hood on the box with wires taped to their fingers.

I hope this inspires them to flatter the guy who tried to do what every anti-Bushie wants to do by imitating him,

Vladimir Arutunyan is accused of throwing a hand grenade at President Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili while they were addressing a public audience on Freedom Square in central Tbilisi on May 10. The grenade did not explode.

Arutuynan was arrested in Tbilisi on July 20 after a shootout with Georgian police that resulted in the death of Col. Zurab Kvlividze, the head of the Georgian Interior Ministry’s counterintelligence department.

The defendant came to the court hearing on Tuesday with his mouth sewed up. He claimed earlier his rights were violated.

C’mon, Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole), you know you want to do this!

Found at the Interested Participant

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