What, No Goodbye?

Local left wing headcase and talk radio show host at 710 KIRO AM, Mike Webb, is no longer on the air. This was not of his choosing, Webb was fired after being charged with filing a fraudulent insurance claim, a felony.

(stops and waits for cheers to die down)

It was a sudden departure that blended well with a proposed Christmas vacation he was taking to entertain visiting family. I only found out Wednesday night, though it seems that this drama had been going on for a bit longer.

Liberal radio talk-show host Mike Webb has been fired from his job at KIRO radio after he was charged earlier this month with making a fraudulent insurance claim.

Webb was charged with making a fraudulent claim after an accident in June 2005, when his Lexus was struck by an uninsured driver.

According to charging papers filed in King County Superior Court, Webb is alleged to have produced a forged document indicating he bought an insurance policy with Geico before the June 28th accident. The insurance company claimed that Webb, 50, bought the policy online one day after the accident and denied coverage of the nearly $6,000 damage.

Webb, however, insisted that he had purchased the online policy more than a month before the accident and during an interview with an insurance adjuster, he produced copies of bank statements that purported to show payments made to Geico on May 20 and June 7.

Seattle police, who were called in to investigate at Geico’s request, obtained a search warrant for Webb’s bank statements. Those statements show payments to Geico made on June 29 and July 4 of 2005.

Charging documents say that at the time of the accident Webb produced an insurance card for a policy with National Merit that had not been in effect since 2001. Webb said last week that he mistakenly grabbed the old card.

And those are the known facts of the case.

Webb is, of course, denying the charge and is blaming it on Geico’s computers.

Or at least someone’s computer. Webb always had a streak of the conspiracy theorist in him, but this is really funny,

Webb also said that he and his attorney, Bradley Marshall, are looking into the possibility that the incident was caused by a computer hacker who “hates” his show and hoped to cause Webb trouble.

Either way, Mike says that it isn’t his fault. I can’t be his fault because he is alwys ‘The Victim’.

But I don’t believe Mike because Mike is a liar. He lies about his political opponents and he lies to his listeners. His supporters may say that it is just lying by omission, but lying is lying.

One of his favorite lies was to tease his listeners about him interviewing someone near the top of the ladder of moonbats, Scott Ritter, fomer UN Weapons Inspector and current kiddie molester, and Joe Wilson of the Plame Kerfuffel being among of his favorites to interview.

Webb would tease the interview of the celebrated moonbat and when it was time for the interview, he would play a recording of him interviewing the person over the phone. After the interview was done, he would talk about how unfortunate it was that the person couldn’t stay around for questions from callers and so on, acting like the interview was live.

Now, Mike’s show was on at 2100-0100 PST so I can understand how difficult it must have been for him to get interviews with some of the more popular folks, especially those on the east coast, but he could have just been truthful about it and say that he recorded it earlier.

I listened to his show most nights (at least four out of the five days of the week) and I listened to them digitally over the internet. The tape noise and tone changes between him before the interview, during the interview and then after the interview were blaringly obvious in the digital format.

While I did like Mike’s show because it made the long nighttime hours go by a little quicker and kept my blood moving by boiling it, I’m not sad to see him go.

The only thing I do feel sad about is that they got rid of a liar and look to be sticking me with a host who not only lies by omission, but also uses constant hyperbole to make her arguments. That and she refuses to admit that can’t analogize worth a shit. Think Air America’s Randi Rhodes without the attempts at comedy.

This could get interesting. Or it could get frustrating.

Either way, Webb is done in this town for now. I say for now because this is Seattle and as soon as the word on this spreads, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is able to find a sympathetic Bush-Hating moonbat juror to hang the jury.

But I’m having fun in the interim.

I’ll be stopping by local left wing websites and dropping in on their posts on this topic and getting all “He’s guilty! Hang him!� on their asses. When they object, I bring up the charges brought against DeLay and how Screamin’ Howie Dean doesn’t think DeLay should get a trial and about how they always talk about how guilty DeLay is.

What’s good for the DeLay goose is good for the Webb gander and all that.

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4 Responses to What, No Goodbye?

  1. freddyboomboom says:

    I’m confused a little about this replacement…

    Her bio says:

    “She … loves a good verbal duel in the chatroom.”

    Aren’t chatrooms done by typing? How is that “verbal”?

    And is she an actor, or a radio talk show host? It seems she’s a bit schitzophrenic…

  2. Rivrdog says:

    Of course you’ve done this rumpkin a huge favor by comparing him and his case to Tom Delay’s

    Delay is simply the victim of the usual vindictive Texas political wars. Webb is a common thief.

    Not much comparison between the two, from this old rozzer’s viewpoint.

  3. AnalogKid says:

    Tis but a minor sticking point, RD. I’ve tried to tell these yahoos how viscious Texas politics can be, but they refuse to believe that anywhere can be any worse than another place.

    More of the “I’ve only lived in the NW my whole life and barely visitied anywhere else, so everwhere must be just like here” mindset that infects the local populace. That is, except for the Californians who migrated here and brought their brand of politics here which is more whine and cry than attack.

    My comparo is more of a mirror to their hypocrisy than one for equating the two person’s charges.

  4. David says:

    Sadly, “whine and cry” politics can work pretty well in the right circumstances. It’s always backed up by an effective attack machine, though — it’s just deceptive in that it’s hidden from the general public most of the time.

    If politics generally is the art of saying “nice doggie” until you can hit the dog with a stick, California politics is the same but instead of a stick it’s a bullet in the back delivered by a powerful lobby.

    Sorry to see it’s migrated your way.

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