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What, No Goodbye?

Local left wing headcase and talk radio show host at 710 KIRO AM, Mike Webb, is no longer on the air. This was not of his choosing, Webb was fired after being charged with filing a fraudulent insurance claim, a … Continue reading

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I hope it becomes a fad

After Abu Ghraib, the hip thing for lefties to do to impress their friends was to dress up as the guy in the hood on the box with wires taped to their fingers. I hope this inspires them to flatter … Continue reading

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Wish for Peace

Without getting off your ass! It’s the “Sit for Change Meditation Marathonâ€?! Sit For Change brings together the practice of meditation with the promotion of peace, compassion and respect for human dignity. This 10-day “meditation marathon” kicks off on December … Continue reading

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New Poll

Jim Treacher had a poll up asking for opinions as to the replacement phrase for the term “Fake But Accurateâ€?, which he found a little tiresome. I, like Aaron at the FreeWillBlog, chose “Differently Authenticâ€? like 702 other voters, making … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

World War I led not to ‘Democracy’ but to the creation of three dictatorships: Soviet Russia, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. World War II led, not to ‘Four Freedoms’, but to the surrender of one-third of the world’s population into … Continue reading

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