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I’m Shocked

At the seeming surprise being shown around the gun-blogosphere at the Liberal party in Canada’s begging re-election ploy to confiscate handguns via their very convenient list from the firearms registry debacle. I don’t mean to sound snotty or smug, but … Continue reading

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Six Down

A few hundred more to go. SEATTLE (AP) — Six people have been arrested in connection with ecoterrorism attacks in Oregon and Washington dating back to 1998, including the destruction of a Bonneville Power Administration tower near Bend, Ore., on … Continue reading

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What Exactly Did They Expect?

Yesterday, House Democrats asked for a vote on a resolution ‘Denouncing the Culture of Corruption exhibited by the Republican leadership’. Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) calls the party line vote against the resolution by the Rebulicans a “Pro-Corruption Voteâ€?. Only the … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: Friday Mega-Quote

Something to contemplate over the weekend, There are, in essence, three schools of thought on the nature of ‘The Common Good’: The Intrinsic theory holds that the good is inherent in certain things or actions as such, regardless of their … Continue reading

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