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If one standard is good

Two must be even better, right? Last week I posted about how half of the ‘Member Nations’ at the UN either refused to vote in favor of or just plain refused to vote on a resolution “Expressing Serious Concernâ€? about … Continue reading

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Since liberals rarely say what they mean, and when they do, they immediately spin it so that they can deny what they said, when the Iranian ‘president’ Ahmedinejad speaks on his wish to eliminate Israel, they immediately think that he … Continue reading

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This is not Autoblogging

You see, the first time I tried Autoblogging, the video card in my laptop went T.U. The second time I tried it, our server crashed. That was back in Jan of 2004, when Nukevet Neal and our host at the … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

“The Common Goodâ€? is a meaningless concept, unless taken literally, in which case it’s only possible meaning is: the sum of the good of all the individual men involved. But in that case, the concept is meaningless as a moral … Continue reading

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