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They used to call it “Enabling�

Now it is classified as ‘Government Help’. Seventy-five hard-core alcoholics, accustomed to living on the streets and spending nights in emergency rooms, detox centers or jail cells, are about to get an invitation to move into a new apartment building … Continue reading

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He is so full of hate for Bush

That Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) is praising the possibility of increasing America’s crack cocaine supply. Can We Finally Call It A Trend Another politician in South America with a leftist message wins office. The South American politician with the “leftist … Continue reading

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It’s Funny

Because it’s true Found @ C&S

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Mission Not So Impossible

Kevin Baker of The Smallest Minority Blog was doing something I can barely do, listening to NPR, and heard that they have scheduled a program on gun control for early next year and that they will be asking the panelists … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

The degree of statism in a country’s political system, is the degree to which it breaks up the country into rival gangs and sets men against one another. When individual rights are abrogated, there is no way to determine who … Continue reading

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