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This would be confusing

If it wasn’t so damned funny. After our newest visitor, or what some would call a troll, Church Secretary, made a number of unsubstantiated accusations, including called yours truly a racist, a homophobe and a fella who needed firearms to … Continue reading

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A Continuation of Dem Logic Lines

With all of the recent murders happening in the Boston metro area, John the Poor Schmuck has an idea, An upsurge in violence shows that, even after hundreds of years, the police and city government is unable to bring peace … Continue reading

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Uncle Irons?

Say Uncle from yesterday Why dads don’t buy kids’ clothes Went to Kohl’s and Babies R Us the other day to buy boy stuff for The Second. I found a nice little white onesie and on the front in red … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: Dolla, Dolla Bils, Y’all

Laissez-faire capitalism is the only social system based on the recognition of individual rights and , therefore, the only system that bans force from social relationships. By the nature of its basic principles and interests, it is the only system … Continue reading

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