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Sometimes the posts write themselves

Blanco tells Congress that New Orleans deserves same as Baghdad Oh really? So she would have no complaints if the USMC and US Army: 1. Disbanded the city’s nearly useless police force and held those positions in the interim 2. … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: More Christmas Tunage

I hope you’re ready for bagpipes and fiddles! Come All Ye Faithful I’m holding back a bit here with the tunage getting more festive as we get closer to the holiday itself. Try this one on for size. Don’t let … Continue reading

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And they call me Cold Hearted

Actually, they call me ‘Cold, Mean, Heartless and Cruel’ but I think that it would be more aptly applied to these people. Bystanders ignore plight of burning homeless man Vancouver BC, Canada — St. Paul’s emergency nurse Christine Wellstead has … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

While altruism seeks to rob intelligence of its rewards by asserting that the moral duty of the competent is to serve the incompetent and sacrifice themselves to anyone’s need – the tribal premise goes a step further: it denies the … Continue reading

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