Six Down

A few hundred more to go.

SEATTLE (AP) — Six people have been arrested in connection with ecoterrorism attacks in Oregon and Washington dating back to 1998, including the destruction of a Bonneville Power Administration tower near Bend, Ore., on the eve of the millennium, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

The arrests were made Wednesday in New York, Virginia, Oregon and Arizona, and each of the defendants has been indicted in Oregon or Washington. Besides the tower’s destruction, the attacks included three arsons in Oregon and one in Olympia.

One of the fires caused more than $500,000 in damage, and the other three caused more than $1 million, investigators said. The Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for most of the acts.

Now we just need Condi to get to working on Canada to extradite Michael Scarpitti (aka Tre Arrow) for his crimes.

BTW, if you want a look into the true twisted thoughts of thse folks, read this interview of Scarpitti from back in March.

I can’t wait for the hysterics from the eco-weenies during these trials.

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